The Ethics Of Discourse Communities

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Discourse communities are groups of people who share similar values, goals, and ways of communication. Although it is more of a broad definition, to me discourse communities can be more simplified. My definition: sharing the same experiences, individual passion, and journey as your destined group. Even though high school is bygone, the Langston Hughes Volleyball Team is still considered my discourse community. Not to be biased but we are the best. Performing rigorous activities such as sports requirements, voting for captains, and being in the volleyball section of the yearbook considers me as one with the team. Every sports team required members to have yearly physicals, and either fundraise or pay for the team gear. With volleyball you are also required to participate in summer conditioning. Failure to attend? Chances are you are not playing the fall season. Summertime was considered two months of work and labor versus fun and games others experience. Conditioning consist of brutal Abs work, leg tightening, and running multiple miles to whip us into shape. After workouts, if you failed to burn from the inside out or collapse from exhaustion something is wrong with you. Around school our rep was traveling up a steep hill composed of one-hundred eighty pounds of concrete and the length of more than half a football field. It was called “The Bank”. It was our punishment, our enemy, and our worst nightmare. No matter if it was pouring, hailing, or scorching hot, it always
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