The Ethics Of Education And Three Ethical Challenges Educators

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Over the years, there have been numerous individuals that have made contributions to ethical practices in education and helped to address some of the several ethical challenges that face educators today. This paper serves to examine three contributors to ethics in education and three ethical challenges educators face. Thurgood Marshall, Tom Harkin, and James L. Buckley are three contributors that have made headway toward ethical treatment of students, and ethical challenges that educators’ face that were addressed through these contributors are diversity, disabilities, and privacy. Ethical Contributors and Educational Challenges Throughout the course of educational history, there have been many influential people come in and out of the educational scene. Many of this influential people gain notoriety because they take a stand against an issue that they believe to be unethical. These educational mavericks tend to end up having to defend their case through the court system where they ultimately end up in the United State Supreme Court or use the legislative avenue through Congress. Thurgood Marshall, Tom Harkin, and James Buckley are three individuals that have utilized the court and legislative system to bring about ethical change to education. Thurgood Marshall Thurgood Marshall is notorious for his history, background, and ethical impact that he made during his lifetime on many fronts, but diversity in education served as an infamous platform for him. History.
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