The Ethics Of Ethics And Morality

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Ethics is a concept, and is subjective that depends on the social conduct in which it is applied. Ethics has its basis in moral (Socrates) and duty (Kant), it is a different need for natural or mathematics, and it is like the freedom people need to live in society. All societies in all historical eras had and have been having their applications of ethics and morality. According Lawrence, (Lawrence & Weber, 2014a) It labels that the notions of right and wrong(ethics) usually comes from the environment that surrounds us, an example of it includes “Schools and schoolteachers, neighbors and neighborhoods, friends, admired role models, ethnic groups, and the ever-present electronic media and the internet influence what we believe to be right and wrong in life”(P.77). However, in our daily lives, we can see that although it is always an ethical practice to be moral in our society not everything that is immoral is unethical. The behavior that is immoral for one person might not be to another. We can say then, that ethics is the art of living, it is an attitude with which we “live with”. When one begins to wonder about life, it begins a process of understanding who we are. This is how a person organizes his/her life and as a way, a consciousness that is built reflecting to the extent that expands awareness of self, becomes free, so responsible. “Personal ethics” refers to an attitude or conduct of the individual understood through the way it relates to him and before others

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