The Ethics Of Ficer

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Ethics in Enlisted Evaluations
The definition of ethics, reads as a complex of moral precepts held, or rules of conduct followed by an individual (, 2014). Non-commissioned officers and officers in the Army, find themselves facing ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Some dilemmas are minute in nature, while other dilemmas force Non-commissioned officers and officers into making questionable decisions. The Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report, or NCOER, is one of the most prevalent tests of ethical character, facing the enlisted rating chain. A leader’s failure in properly counseling a Non-commissioned officer accordingly can result in either a hastily generated evaluation or an evaluation the Non-commissioned officer
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Direct Level Evaluations The direct level for sergeants will focus primarily on technical proficiency and the developmental aspect to ensure the Soldier understands his or her duties and responsibilities as a Non-commissioned officer. Additionally, the rater will assess the Soldier in five areas; presence, intellect, leads, develops, and achieves. Raters will have their categories to properly rate their Soldiers promotion potential as having “met standard” or “did not meet the standard” (Army Times, 2014). While senior raters will not be limited on the number of “top-box” checks given to sergeants, the expectation is to justify the Soldiers overall potential by providing quantifiable written comments.
Organizational Level Evaluations
The organizational level of the evaluation process will contain a two-page evaluation report that covers down on the ranks of staff sergeant through master sergeant. Like the direct level evaluation, the organizational level will also assess the same five performance standards. However, there has been the addition of a “four-box” scale to the Soldiers overall performance rating; far exceeded the standard, exceeded standard, met standard, and did not meet standard.

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