The Ethics Of Foucault And Today

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Karlton Ruf
General Philosophy
28 June 2015
The Ethics of Foucault and Today
Ethics has been studied from different spectrums throughout time whether political or moral based, a collective or individual effort, philosophers have studied theses values based on what is right and wrong. One thinker who is not commonly seen as a philosopher but referred to in countless works is Michel Foucault. Michel Foucault was a French historian and Philosopher and is known more for his works of “histories of medical and social sciences” (Gutting 1). This unique prospective and transition of his works as being looked at solely in his field of psychology and history to a philosophy perspective translate into his works. Foucault was a political activist. As noted by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy his passions were “literary and political” and “often protested on behalf of homosexuals and other marginalized groups” (2). Foucault was truly ahead of his time, most of his views stemming from his definition of ethics, morality, freedom and power and their coexistence and dependency on one another.
Foucault’s definition of ethics first begins with the difference between ethics and morality. A described by Kenneth Wain, professor of philosophy at the University of Malta, Foucault describes the difference of morality and ethics as “in contrast with ethics, which has to do with freedom, morality has to do with truth” (164). The separation of morals from ethics differs from the idea…
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