The Ethics Of Human Cloning Essay

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Somatic nuclear transfer is a process in which an egg cell and a donor nucleus are

joined together to create an identical version of the donor. This is a process whereby a

clone is created, and this act of reproductive cloning is regarded with controversy; is it

morally permissible, or is it morally grotesque.

There are certain elements to consider when debating the ethics of human cloning.

Leon Kass in his article “The Wisdom of Repugnance” contends that reproductive cloning is

morally corrupt, describing it as offensive, repulsive, and repugnant, believing these terms

to be commonly associated with regards to human cloning.

Kass goes forth with his arguments by considering three different approaches in support of

1. The Technological Approach: cloning is seen as a development of previous methods for assisting reproduction.
2. The Liberal Approach: cloning is validated by appeals to rights, freedoms, and empowerments.
3. The Melorist Approach: cloning is substantiated because it promotes human advancement (thus rendering bad genes no longer a concern).

In response to all three arguments, Kass believes that they all possess the underlying

problem of disregarding the significance of sex, as well as attacking the reality of our

identity and the natural way of sexual reproduction; when a couple comes together to

create a new being, they experience a certain precious unity that cannot be replicated nor


Some of the problems…

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