The Ethics Of Medical Secrecy

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The rules of law are tools of all kinds constituted and used by men. If they are useful to medical secrecy, it is because they are justified by values that need to be protected, first and foremost is the trust that the patient feels towards the doctor and all the medical personal. The medical world agrees to recognize the fundamental role of professional secrecy in the quality of the caregiving relationship, the founding text of Western medicine, the Hippocrates oath, has given us since Greek antiquity a definition which Keeps its actuality.Indeed, the questions are numerous: in what context, can anodyne data be considered as secret or confidential? Can we fully respect the anonymity of the patients and is it desirable if it is to the…show more content…
Carrying out this responsibility may be more challenging and more important in the emergency department than in many other clinical settings. (John C. Moskop & Catherine A. Marco, 2005). It is important not only for the person who entrusted the health professional but for all citizens to be assured of the discretion of those in charge of a particularly important mission in the order of health. When a nurse takes a picture of the patient, she betrays the secrecy entrusted to her, it is the whole society that risks suffering from this fact because, in the fear of indiscretions, her members may hesitate to use the services of the hospital where works and public health will be compromised. The HIPAA regulations can be seen as an overly complicated way of applying these basic privacy rules in an era of electronic communication (Annas & George J, 2003). Medical secrecy also has a moral basis, linked to the honor and morality of the profession. We must, however, be careful not to attribute to this foundation, as to others, an absolute value which reality denies. You receive a call from the gossip paper the Gossip Gazette, offering you $20,000 for the photos you have taken (courtesy of your best friend). Your identity would never be revealed, and you desperately need a new car and are behind on some bills. The provisions on professional secrecy have been updated to account for the growing use by physicians of new information and social
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