The Ethics Of Nursing Ethics

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Children and respirators are terms typically appalling and scary to society. In the nursing profession, it is often that nurses will deal with these two appalling terms. A case involving these two terms has been analyzed in regards to nursing ethics. Nursing ethics involves several different complex ideas and with the aid of the four way method one is able to analyze and make a decision in regards to controversial and difficult nursing situations. The four way method helped analyze a fourteen year old boys, named Jack, situation wherein a dilemma arose regarding the continuation of life support. After analyzing Jack’s situation with proposed solutions by using the four way method, one is able to make an educated and informed ethical decision on the subject. Analyzing the situations consequences, fairness, character, and truth in regards to Jack’s situation led us to believe that the most ethical nursing decision was most important to maintain nursing integrity, build trust with the physician, and support the family through the difficult time. First and foremost, understanding the situation’s history and facts behind Jack’s case is pertinent to understanding how to make an ethical decision.
As nurses at a local hospital, we are currently attending to a fourteen year old patient named Jack. Jack was in a football accident about two months ago. Since the accident he has been in the intensive care unit or, ICU, and has been hooked up to a respirator since. Jack presents…

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