The Ethics Of Planned Parenthood Abortion

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Planned Parenthood
It was a lovely spring day on April 6th, 1977 when a little girl was delivered. This delivery was not your normal delivery; it involved hours of preparation, but not your typical preparation. For the last seven and a half months a mother had been carrying this child in her womb. Running out of options she visited a clinic called Planned Parenthood hoping for advice. They advised her to have a late term saline abortion. This abortion method causes the next 24 hours to be an ongoing battle as the child will burn from the inside out before the mother delivers the lifeless fetus. Not until after the delivery does the abortionist confirm the successful abortion. In this instance however, this little girl received a miracle.
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The viability of a fetus is when a person determines if a fetus/child is able to obtain life. Also, when born alive the child will be killed in a partial birth ultimately throwing the Born Alive Infant Act established in August 5th, 2002 out the window. In a “Show trial” on September 9th, 2015, James Bopp, representing Planned Parenthood, was asked by Trey Gowdy, representative from South Carolina, “What exactly is a partial birth abortion?” Bopp explained that “Partial birth abortions defined under federal law is when a physician partially delivers the trunk of the baby leaving the head in the birth canal the baby is alive then the physician takes an act to kill the baby and finishes the delivery.” Bopp also goes on to say “In that situation you simply do not know until later [whether the right medical decision has been made].” and “I haven't heard any person who works in abortion clinics able to make that fine and complex decision.” This is ultimately a decision to determine life which no person has the right to make (Trey Gowdy Grills Witnesses). On May 23rd, 2013 the question was raised to Alisa Lapolt Snow, representing Planned Parenthood making the statement “That the decision of life should be left up to the patient and the health care provider.” Representative Jose Oliva asked, “I think at that point the patient would be a child struggling on the table wouldn't you agree?”(SHOCKING Florida Hearing). This could not be more true when a abortion is failed, your patient by law ultimately becomes the child struggling for life on the

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