The Ethics Of Reading By Jane Gallop Essay

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My initial response when I encountered “The Ethics of Reading”, by Jane Gallop, was that it was just going to be similar to one of the thousands of articles written by some professor that we have never heard of. However, after the first few sentences, I found myself engaged with the text that was at hand. It was clear to see that Gallops was trying to show the world her strategic way of educating, which just so happened to be a little unethical. As a teacher, she wanted to change the way you perceive the world. Your perception will change because by not assuming, you are able to learn new things and not just recycle existing ideas. . This different approach is what made me take interest in this piece of writing, specifically, compared to the many other strategic writing articles that have been given to me. The fact that Gallops cares more about the value of the lesson taught, than the specific grade that is displayed says a lot. I have always been the kind of person who enjoys taking what I have learned in the classroom and applying it to my everyday life. This includes how I interact with my friends, how I approach certain situations, and how I use my common sense. Gallop is one of the very few instructors who seem to share this value with me. Through, “close reading” a reader learns to pay attention to small details, read what is actually stated, and clearly establishes the purpose the author is trying to project forward. After one can adequately perform these steps in
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