The Ethics Of Stem Cell

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Ethic in Stem Cell
We have an amazing items in our body called stem cells. Stem cells are cells that have the ability to transform into any type of tissue cell in the human body. After a sperm fertilizes an egg, the cell they form is known as a zygote or a totipotent cell. This cell goes through numerous mitotic divisions and after about four days forms a blastocyst. This blastocyst has an outer layer and an inner layer, part of which is hollow. The outer layer grows to form what will become the placenta. The cells contained in the inner layer are known as pluripotent cells. They are what the term stem cell generally refers to.
These pluripotent cells cannot survive by themselves. But they do have the ability to form most of the tissues
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So you might say that adult stem cells could be corrupted.
Multiple points of view exist on the topic of embryonic stem cells and stem cell research. One vocal public opponent of embryonic stem cells, gathering significant media attention, is Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW). The following is an excerpt from their website.
Founded on the bedrock principle of the pro-life movement – that all preborn babies are "persons" and all innocent persons share the inalienable right to life – Pro-Life Wisconsin educates the public and lobbies elected officials. Pro-Life Wisconsin is a Christian organization relying on God to change hearts and minds toward His most precious creation of human life. (Pro-Life Wisconsin, 2016)
Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW) has two areas involving embryonic stem cell research they activity discuss: 1) Embryonic Stem Cell Research; and 2) Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The second area is a rather significant topic to discuss, because the source of funding being discussed is public dollars, which is opposed by PLW.
Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW) feels that embryonic stem cells research is offensive, immoral, and dangerous; equating to the destruction of human life that has never helped a human patient. The reason
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