The Ethics Of The Advertising Industry

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Persons and businesses are expected to have certain ethical standards which are controlled by a series of ethical codes. This research is focused on the ethics of the advertising industry. Some questions will be answered like: should companies be allowed to collect/sell client’s info? Should targeted online advertising on the basis of user’s profile and demographics? Should there be a ban the sale of surveillance technology to non-democratic countries?

Keywords: targeted online advertising, surveillance technology, non-democratic countries, false advertising, ethical theories, code of ethics.
Ethics in the Advertising Industry.
Ethics is a set of moral principles on values that governs the conduct of an individual or group (Cheeseman, 2006 p. 149). This paper reflects how ethical the different companies especially in the advertising world are. It also analyze a given case with the theories of ethics to see which best fits into the case description.
Violation of the Ethic Code.
Though companies and business persons are expected to follow ethical rules in the conduct of their affairs and not to harm society, they don’t always practice this discipline. Many companies are using costumer’s information to make a profit out of it. As a result, people are getting bombed with relevant advertising and marketing campaigns. It is a tricky area because they are allowed to collect the information in order to best determine the characteristics of their customers, and it could also help…

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