The Ethics Of The Amazon Work

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Success can often be seen as the amount of money a company makes, the new and unique ideas it can create, and through the reputation it builds with its customers’. However, success can also be seen in a way a company values its customers, through their mission and vision, and especially the way they treat their workers. “At Amazon, workers are encouraged to tear apart one another’s ideas in meetings, toil long and late, and held to high standards the company boats are unreasonably high” (Kantor and Streitfeld, 2015). There are not necessarily standards by which employers and businesses HAVE to treat their workers, but it seems like there is an ethical problem in the Amazon work place according to this article. In this paper we will look at…show more content…
This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, if the articles of faith and guidelines to live by were fair, ethical, and remotely rational. Some of his management ideas stick out more than others. “Of all of his management notions, perhaps the most distinctive is his belief that harmony is often overvalued in the workplace — that it can stifle honest critique and encourage polite praise for flawed ideas” (Kantor and Streitfeld, 2015). Bezo expects his workers to tell other co-workers exactly what they think about their ideas, and believes that even being rude and hurtful will help steer clear of faulty ideas. The P-O-L-C framework seems to be found within the Amazon articles of faith and guidelines, but I’m not sure it is accurately played out how it should be. The leading and controlling aspects of this framework seem to be skewed in Bezo’s way of thinking. It seems like he just has the same standards for everyone in the organization and doesn’t look at their individual personalities. The controlling part of the organization also seems irrationally harsh on his workers. It also seems like the big five personality traits would be discouraged except for neuroticism, because workers would be too timid to be open, extraverted, and agreeable. Conscientiousness might be a strong personality trait for these people, but it seems like it would be a forced personality trait. These personality traits can be super beneficial to the work place if people brought their own
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