The Ethics Of The Body

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… the subject is something which is finally identified to the body as such. So the subjective creation as a sort of paradigm is only experimentation of the limits of the body. The subject is something like an experience of its proper limits, an experience of finitude, an experience of the limits of the concrete unity of the body. But finally, what is a limit of the body, a limit of the living body? The plenary discussions on corporeality always reconstruct the perception of the body and aim to see the beyond of the body besides it is an entity as a concrete being with flesh and bones. The studies and works based on the notion that is what the body – which analyze the psychological and philosophical (and also anthropological and sociological) approaches to the concept of the body over hand-painted portraits to mug shots, personal care methods to collective protection theories, the sexuality as a study of psychology not through morality - are all creating a various worldview and also attempt an alternative definition on the perception of the body. Many disciplines intervene when the research topic is on the concept of the body; as the sensations, the techniques of the bodily movements, the consumption or the expression styles have been investigated, methods and studies of the epistemology are getting varied as required. As well, the developing studies on the gender and identity cannot be considered without consulting the studies on the history of thinking about the
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