The Ethics Of The Canadian Law System

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Bullying is an important topic in society because it continues to be a problem for individuals whether they are in school, at work or even at home. Bullying can be demonstrated verbally and/or physically. In other words, it is when one hurts or threatens to harm a person to do his/her wantings. It is controversial whether Canadian law has adequately addressed this topic. Bullying has indeed been addressed properly throughout Canada’s law system in various ways. The goal of this essay is to show that the justice system has made many laws and regulations to help victims or anyone involved in the bullying through the many bills created to amend existing acts, the created action plans against bullying and laws that are created in the Criminal Code.
To begin with, Ontario created Bill 13 as an amendment of the Education Act, to help those suffering from bullying. According to a website: “The purpose of this legislation is to: 1 identify bullying; 2. prevent bullying; and 3. improve inclusiveness in schools” (Bill 13 - Accepting Schools Act). Bill 13 helps provide support for students that are being bullied and improves how the school approaches these situations. Their goal is to reduce the amount of these incidents and provide healing for the victims. It also requires for schools to prevent bullying to make sure that students are learning in a positive and safe environment at all times. Therefore, having this law ensures the students’ safety and prevents bullying from ever
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