The Ethics Of The Code Of Ethics

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In a professional setting, both business and social agencies work within the ethical code that reflect their professional view and role in a society. Most decision making is human services are made based on their own specific ethics (Brody & Nair, 2014). Ethics are not simply expectations of leadership, but an essence of leadership because leaders have a responsibility to produce something good or harm, or make a social change (Manning, 2003). However, government and business agencies are often in ethical dilemmas, and it could make a negative impact to achievement in organizations (Brody & Nair, 2014). Thus, it is significantly important for effective leaders in human services to follow the code of ethics. Leaders must identify their personal and professional morale, value, and ethics and integrate them into organization’s policies and practices so that employee can keep their morale higher and produce higher level of services to the society (Brody & Nair, 2014; Manning, 2003).
Leaders can use the multidimensional ethical framework to palliate ethical dilemmas so that organizations can achieve their goals with fewer negative impact. (Brody & Nair, 2014; Manning, 2003). According to Manning (2003), the multidimensional ethical system for leadership has similar function of the social system theory. Within social system theory, social system is considered as a set of interrelated activities through a society. System consists of functional individuals or groups that affect
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