The Ethics Of The Counseling Profession

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The counseling profession can be an excellent, rewarding, and challenging field. The purpose of counseling is to help individuals understand and clarify their own values and beliefs across a lifespan. Counseling also help individuals to become self-sufficient by implementing interventions and strategies that involves goal-setting skills that is meaningful to an individual. Individuals who may seek counseling are individuals who encountered marriage and family issues, stressful or traumatic events and drug and substance abuse. In this research assignment, I will discuss events the effects of traumatic events, addictions, family therapy theories, and optimal health and wellness.
Crisis and Traumatic Events in life At some point,
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Individuals who encounter crisis or traumatic events are at risk of having psychological and emotional effects such as depression, anxiety, negative perceptions of self, shame, and guilt. Somatic symptoms includes fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrome.
Crisis and Trauma in Children and Adolescents Children and adolescents handle crisis and traumatic events differently from adults. Childhood and adolescence is a period of physical and cognitive growth and development. Children are vulnerable and are at risk of PTSD symptoms when exposed to trauma (Hagan, Sulik, & Lieberman, 2016). In addition, adolescents undergo both physical and cognitive changes. When adolescents encounter trauma, it can result in low self-esteem and low self-concept. Low self-esteem and low self-concept can lead to depression, anxiety, risky behavior, substance and drug abuse, and poor academic achievement in school. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (2016) stated the following statistics of trauma in children in adolescents: 78.5% suffered neglect, 17.6% suffered physical abuse, and 9.1 % suffered sexual abuse. Since children are incapable of expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally, play therapy is an ideal intervention to use. On the other hand, adolescents may feel as though that no one understands them. Both group therapy and individual therapy are great for adolescents.
Drug and Substance Addiction
Etiology of addictions Addiction is a physical
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