The Ethics Of The Enron Case

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The Enron case is a very popular case to show how the profession of accounting is vital to make the corporate world of business flow reliably. Enron was recognized as one of the world’s major electricity, natural gas, communications and pulp and paper’s company. However Enron was found to record assets and profits at inflated, fraudulent and non-existent amounts. Debts and losses were found to be excluded from financial statements along with other major transactions between Enron and other companies to make their company’s book look better. This unethical behavior along with loopholes in the accounting standards and regulations allowed this massive scandal to occur. I believe with proper governance and more ethical management this scandal could have been easily avoided. Before undertaking any research to solve the case study I went through the questions several times and made notes of what specific information needs to be looked at to answer the questions. This helped me narrow down my research and I knew exactly what information to look for. However it was still difficult to find the best suited answer for each question due to the large amount of information provided in the internet for this was a very popular case and a very educative topic for accounting students. This case study helped me realize how important the role of an accountant is. It has given me extensive knowledge about the importance of ethical behavior and how important it is to provide reliable information

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