The Ethics Of The Ethical Issues

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When we look at the ethical issues, we can stream them into two categories that are the funder’s perspective and Livestrong’s perspective. The funders are in a dilemma whether they shouldcontinue funding and supporting the organization which in way has become so popular because of Lance Armstrong. Also, the other major point of discussion is whether it isethical for the funders to ask for their money to be returned considering the fact that the scandal took place in Lance Armstrong’s personal life and not within Livestrong. Now, if we look from Livestrong’s perspective, we can question whether it was ethical to completely cut ties with the founder of their organization. Utilitarian Approach: According to Utilitarianism, “an action is morally right if it results in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people affected by the action” (Text Book). As this approach is based on the cost-benefit analysis, we shall be looking at the costs and the benefits involved to conclude whether or not this action would be ethical. Costs for Funder’s: • The funder’s might be criticised if in case they remain associated with an organization whose founder and chairman was in the news for wrong reasons. • The people in the market might not be able to differentiate Armstrong and Livestrong, which will lead to them thinking that the funder’s support the wrongful act of Lance Armstrong which might bring negative publicity to the funder. • However, If in case the funder’s are

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