The Ethics Of The Ethical Values

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The ethical values are part of every person in all countries around the world. Each society has its own culture, beliefs, values, customs or habits that tend to shape the population that reside or were born in the country. Individuals tend to learn their ethical values at a pre-conventional period, during childhood and at that time, the beliefs of what is wrong or right start to be shaped inside them. Ethics, as a study, is an area of philosophy that deals with what is considered morally wrong or right. So, in general, are the rules of behavior, based on a system of moral values, which are considered correct universally or within a society or a…show more content…
However, some companies have been starting to recognize that being more ecological and having in consideration moral principals, can represent an advantage. Multinationals, which are companies that deliver services or produce goods in more than one country, can provide benefits for the host country, but it can also create ethical dilemmas. The fact that it operates in different societies, it make international managers have to deal with employees that may not share the same beliefs and be in a society that can have differentiated rules, regulations and values. In that case, ethics pay an important role because there’s the necessity to respect and follow the companies’ practices used in the home country but most importantly, to respect the employees that have the right to be treated according the universal moral principals. On the other hand, as countries has its differences, it is possible to observe that most of the developing countries have weaker rules in terms of the environment, pollution, the social rights and other various points and as a consequence some firms see this as an advantage and opportunity for the company to in some way increase production’s output by adopting unethical practices or work methods.

Nowadays, the world can be
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