The Ethics Of The Health Care Professionals

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Knowing the facts and situation of Memorial Hospital during Hurricane Katrina after the fact makes it easier to judge the actions of the healthcare professionals. One way to judge the behaviors and actions is to develop a plan of what I would have done instead and utilizing an emergency triage and evacuation plan.
The health care professionals at that time probably thought they were doing what they needed to do given the limited resources, time, and managerial oversight given to them. Hindsight has the ability to identify errors in judgment and miscalculations. The events at memorial hospital are no exception.
One issue with judging the actions of the health care professionals is the Kantian philosophy of categorical imperative which states that rules are absolute. It will be hard to devise rules that can be applied in all situations and for all patients. Health care is not black and white and situations and patients are dynamic. While putting terminally ill patients in group 3 - the euthanasia group, assigning other non-terminal patients in this group based on the opinion of one doctor may not be an acceptable practice. Rules related to triage and emergency evacuation plans should be based on the capabilities of the staff and hospital and surrounding areas. For example, can the hospital handle traumas and emergencies? Are there other hospitals or care centers in the area? These can help determine who gets evacuated first. If there are other hospitals and clinics…
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