The Ethics Of The Lifeboat Ethics

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Francisco Acosta
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June 30, 2017

Adrift in the Ocean of Philosophy

This is the scenario of the Lifeboat Ethics in which Hardin relates this lifeboat to the space ship Earth. It goes that the lifeboat is the wealth nations and the people in the water are the poor or unfortunate. All ethic beliefs have flaws and strong points, as you will see in the following explanations. The 5 ethical theories have a one or two examples explaining how someone would go about making this decision from the view of: Divine Command Theory, Egoism, Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, and Natural Law. All five have ethic believes do justice, but have flaws, and strong point. An ethic theory to solve a problem is good. Following
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The egoist’s choices would align with the Kantian ethics person in the sense that would they would bring Doctors, fisherman, navigators on board. Thus, people of skills to ensure the survival of an egoist would be let onboard. Because they look after themselves first, they would start by letting the skilled people on board. In their reasoning it would ensure max survivability of themselves. The secondary effect would be it will also benefit the other 49 on the boat or how ever many he or she decides to keep on board. They would also set up a watch to keep the other in the water out of the lifeboat. Not in the interest of others but in the interest of the Egoist themselves. If they had to turn to cannibalism they would be for cannibalism, and most likely they would say we have to murder someone so we can survive another week or two. If they are threaten with being jettisoned off the boat, they will point out the flaws of others and argue they are not the right person to throw overboard. The downfall here is the egoist will get desperate and everyone else might see through them and throw them over board. A group of sixty egoists is not a good mix; no one would want to do something for everyone. Therefore, this group of egoist would have been better off in the water because their have slim chances of survival. In the chapter four of Doing Ethics, Vaughn, Utilitarianism,

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