The Ethics Of The Nsa

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Thesis:Although comforting shell shocked citizens, current programs are becoming unnecessarily invasive, costly, and controversially uneffective.

Body 1 Costly Break down numbers where tips usually come from

Body 2 Invasive The NSA has so broad terms that pick up potential threats that writers are scared to research certain topics. Terms are ridiculous Results don’t add up

Body 3 Uneffective Reiterate numbers Talk about lies by the director

Body 4 Con: Numbers suggest effectiveness, one prevented attack could save billions especially with groups like ISIS only continually growing

Body 5 Refutation: Effectiveness could certainly be shown in military focus on terror groups and programs shouldn’t be stopped completely, search parameters need to narrowed and taxpayer money needs to be allocated to other forms of surveillance such as expanding camera networks.

Body 6 Conclusion Costly - Majority of prevented attacks are not due to surveillance Invasive- search parameters are ridiculous especially because of lack of U.S. threats Uneffective - Numbers don’t add up, lies by leadership suggests little faith in programs (speculative?) While one prevented attack could save billions, terror groups need to be stopped, not prevented. Budget spending can and should be improved by reallocating funds to more effective forms of surveillance.

After the devastation of the 9-11 attacks, americans needed a way to feel…
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