The Ethics Of The Nursing Science

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Abstract The diverse and active scientific work of nursing has allowed to define the body of knowledge within what is called the nursing science, which has also allowed discipline to acquire more strength and notoriety. The discipline of nursing in the past 50 years has been a process from the development of the theory, followed by synthesis, through the development of concepts and, in recent times, in the debate on integration. The understanding of the dimensions of the disciplinary and theoretical development has been reached up to now has been little widespread or limited understanding for a variety of reasons. However, practical nurses, graduates with Bachelor 's degrees, master 's degrees and doctorates in nursing and academic need…show more content…
The importance of the development of the science of nursing as a theoretical rationale for the practice of nursing. In the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, the development of nursing graduate programs initiates inquiry and reflection which enables make conceptual frameworks and educational preparation of nurses for the investigation, thus initiating a disciplinary development of incorporation of knowledge from other disciplines, producing a strong optimism in the nursing process and the scientific method. (Donalson S, Crowley D.1978) However, since that was published the fundamental patterns of nursing knowledge, occurred a change where practical, personal knowledge and intuition, which are part of a broader knowledge of nursing that has produced an impact on the discipline, allowing a conception from several paradigms or views that represent the nursing currently is recognized. That branch of instruction or education, or Department of learning of knowledge means basically a discipline. The term discipline as a unique perspective, the distinctive shape of see phenomena, which defined, ultimately, the limits and nature of his interest. So also the nursing is designated to belong to human
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