The Ethics Of The United States

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Risk; something we do everyday turning onto a street from a blind corner, jaywalking to get somewhere faster, peeking at our phones while driving and signing up for something new. The everyday risks we take can seem meaningless and uneventful, but for others it can mean their lives; for them everything must be in check otherwise it could result in death. Astronauts are trained for months about how to deal with the risks they will be faced with during their missions, along with proper solutions. These solutions are taught to them by the great minds of scientists; whose duty is to also make sure there is the least amount of risk possible for the mission. The scientists communicate to the head of the programs whether they believe the mission is possible or not, if it should be delayed or pushed up. Unfortunately, the communication between the scientists, and high up workers are ignored or misread. This was the case for the Challenger, a mission that lasted 73 seconds before it exploded, because the weather was too cold for the metal on the O-rings around the rocket. 17 Years later a similar miscommunication cause the loss of the Columbia shuttle because it failed to show the seriousness of the loss of foam from the outside of the shuttle. In November of 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger launched for its voyage it broke apart in the atmosphere after 73 seconds; because the O-rings could not hold at the cold temperatures. This was an issue brought up by scientists and later
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