The Ethics Of The Ut Student Government

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Campaign financing has become an overwhelming issue in America as a whole, and there is no question that different perspectives have escalated within the last few years concerning, which is indeed, the “most democratic”. However, in terms of a govern election for the UT student government I believe proposal three is the most sound in creating the most democratic system in that it gives candidates the same chance in the election process and restricts the personal wealth of individual candidates. In proposal three candidates can only accept donations from students and each donation cannot exceed $25. Since this election is only regarding the UT student body, there should be no question that student contributors solemnly control it. The restriction that a donation cannot exceed $25 is not only a reasonable amount for students, but also shows the support for the candidate in that their names will be disclosed as part of the campaign. The $25 limit restriction also evens the playing field for every candidate that there is equal opportunity for all. Candidates should not be able to spend their own money because some candidates might be more wealthy than others, in that case why even have a $25 limit to donations if you can get more money out of your own pocket. This restriction is then needed in order to have a fair democratic election. Proposal three also states that there is no limit to the amount candidates can raise and spend. With this the candidate is free to spend and buy
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