The Ethics Of The Workplace

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This article is aimed at providing the larger audience an overview of the ethics of the workplace related to the issues of ownership, privacy and monitoring in a working environment. There are practical examples to demonstrate how ethics play an important role in working environments related to information privacy but still there is less consensus on uniquely identifying specific ethical issues. Employees at different organization may define ethics from their own perspective which makes it difficult to implement code of conducts that have been suggested to be incorporated in the day to day activities at working places. Researchers have shed light on the implication of ethics in the day today life of human beings and they have concluded that though human beings are intrinsically aware of the importance of the ethical code of the daily life, they may or may not act upon these codes. There is still a long to go for humans to come to consensus on the issues of ethics. This is difficult due to the fact that humans have personal agendas and interests that could conflict with the interests of others. The authors have argued that there is no quick fix solution to the issues if identifying ethics and a multi-phased solution needs to be articulated. The authors of the article have suggested a step wise solution to address the ethical issues in the field of IT. They have suggested that IT professional need to develop micro-norms. This has to be done as an IT community. This process

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