The Ethics Of Truth Telling Versus Deception Essay

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In the following paper I will be exploring the ethics of truth telling versus deception in the medical field. More precisely, I will be focusing on addressing the question: Is it always obligatory to tell the truth to your patient as a nurse? If so, in what situations is it morally okay not to tell the truth? I will begin by exploring the nursing code of ethics regarding truth telling and lying to patients and then move on to whether or not patients have been lied to with regards to the care they receive. I will proceed by discussing two conflicting views: first, I will examine a view from Kantian ethics; deontology which is a moral theory that involves living by principles and how the rightness and wrongness of our actions does not depend on our consequences but on whether or not they fulfill one’s duty. Second, I will consider a view called utilitarianism which is a normative ethical theory that focuses on actions that are right if it benefits the majority of people in relation to telling the truth or lying. Finally, I will present and defend my own opinion on the ethics of truth telling versus deception in the medical field. I agree with the Kantian perspective that when you become a nurse it is clear that it is your role and duty to treat each and every person with dignity and by telling them the truth instead of lying is treating them with respect and not treating them as a mere means. When becoming a nurse in Canada it is essential to read the “Code of
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