The Ethics Of Unethical Marketing

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Exclude 150 words from total – red. Intro 1 – 150 word Thesis statement Follow up sentences that unpack thesis statement Introduce examples that support thesis claim Unethical marketing is often just as effective as ethical marketing, if not more so. Research that supports claim As will be further discussed throughout this essay. The Argument can be anchored in the evidence of multiple large companies such as Johnson and Johnson and their marketing campaign for drug (……) which was marketed through false claims and (……..) Intro 2 – 250 word Context and history Definition of professional ethics Definition of marketing Bring together ethics and marketing Evolution of ethics in marketing Ethical responsibilities of business reflect unwritten and written codes, norms and values implicitly derived from society; ethical responsibilities go beyond mere legal frameworks. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the concepts, promotion, pricing, and distribution of ideas, and goods. Marketers use strategies to guide how, when and where product information goes before consumers. Ethics in marketing is the standards guiding marketing actions and decisions. An individual has their moral values from youth to adult. Leaders in the Marketing organisations must develop standards for everyone in the firm to follow when working with consumers. Every employee in the organization must follow the same standards. A firm can damage its reputation if all employees do not morally
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