The Ethics Of Vaccines

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Throughout the 21st century, scientists have made groundbreaking discoveries in medicine and in medical technology which can prevent life-threatening diseases. One of these medical advancements involves vaccines, a controversial topic that has always been present among parents and doctors throughout the world. In order for the public to truly understand the benefits that can come from this modern medical development, they must consider the ways that vaccines can save the lives of children and their families despite the ethical questions that may arise. Vaccines have been tested profusely by major healthcare companies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) as well as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and results have shown that…show more content…
Research has shown that “widespread vaccination has produced one of public health’s most impressive success stories: the reduction of vaccine-preventable diseases in the United States by an astonishing 99 percent over just a few decades” (Ballaro and Griswold). Since the success rate of vaccines is so high, doctors have encouraged their patients, specifically parents, to have their children vaccinated. An example in the past that supports the need for all people to be vaccinated in order to eliminate disease is the case of Edward Jenner and the smallpox vaccination. Jenner created the smallpox vaccination, and scientists made it their mission to vaccinate everyone against the disease in order to wipe smallpox out of existence. Because of this mission to use the smallpox vaccine, “the chance of contracting smallpox today is extremely remote--virtually nonexistent in the United States--thanks to the vaccine, not to refusal to utilize smallpox vaccinations” (Lee and Carson-Dewitt). This goes to show the importance behind all people cooperating and agreeing to have their children vaccinated. If one parent refused to have their child vaccinated, then it could have lead to the downfall of this smallpox eradication…show more content…
People have already devoted their lives to researching ways new ways to protect the public against disease, and as time passes even more people will find that this is their passion as well. It is important that parents take advantage of modern medical technology for their own children so that the general population is as protected as possible. The major healthcare companies that have done research, have tested, and who have advocated for the use of vaccines are on the side of the public, and have dedicated their lives to protecting the lives of other people. One child can cause an infectious outbreak to begin, while at the same time one child becoming vaccinated can also prevent an outbreak from happening. This fact, as well as the possibilities that vaccines hold for the general population in the future are reason enough for why parents must make sure that their children are vaccinated as soon as
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