The Ethics Of Warfare And Ethics

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Warfare and Ethics Many had question whether there is any ethical decisions when discussion about warfare. Are war ethical or not? Does war bring any resolution to the conflicts or it just bring more conflicts between nations and states? Have history of warfare demonstrate whether or not wars have ever resolve the initial purpose of the war? War ethics only defines whether the purpose of any war is right in order to initiate any conflict among nations. But history has proven that humans have always uses wars as a mean of resolving political, structural, religious concerns among each other. So whether or not war decisions involve ethics let assume it does but it cannot be well explain because as human being we all believe that war only cause hard in the first place, leaving out all the possibility that war actual resolve conflicts and create peace. Moreover, the fact that many innocent individuals are often the victims of warfare also draw a line of whether ethics is apply symbolically when deciding to declare a war to another nation or state. The pacifism idea that war is always wrong and that war should never be the answer to solving problem among nation often close the opportunities to understand history of conflict among nations and state. Pacifism believe that violence is unjustifiable, but what about terrorism? Can terrorism be resolve peacefully when terrorism nation are not willing understand and respect the ideal of other nation. The fact that many war had

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