The Ethics of Fast Food Essay

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So, what exactly is "fast food"? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, " fast- food" is food that is designed for ready availability, use, or consumption and with little consideration given to quality or significance. So, is there even a link between fast food and its technology with ethics? At first, I thought "what I am thinking? I'll never be able to find any information linking the two." To my surprise, there is a plethora of information regarding fast food... And, due to the large number of restaurant chains today, I will mainly focus on McDonald's, perhaps the most popular fast food restaurant today. Professional Issues From humble beginnings in 1955, McDonald’s grew steadily until 1980, when it had 5,213 outlets…show more content…
Nevertheless, the change had a profound effect on the nation's agriculture and diet. With technology, a familiar food had been transformed into a highly processed industrial commodity. McDonald's fries now come from huge manufacturing plants that can peel, slice, cook, and freeze two million pounds of potatoes a day. (2) One starts to think, are these frozen potatoes good for one's body? What is the nutritional value of those French fries? "Oxidized" cholesterol is a type of cholesterol found in fried and processed foods, such as French fries and much of everything else on a fast food menu. It is a particularly harmful form of fat and could speed the clogging of arteries and increase the risk of heart disease, according to researchers at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center (SFVAMC) and UCSF. (3) So, one must consider these executive decisions that McDonald's has made. Have these decisions been "consistent with the values of a particular profession," in this case, food industry? (4) Because the rapid expansion of McDonald's and because of the popularity of its low-cost, mass-produced fries, the way Americans eat has definitely changed. In 1960 Americans consumed an average of about eighty-one pounds of fresh potatoes and four pounds of frozen French fries. In 2000 they consumed an average of about fifty pounds of fresh potatoes and thirty pounds of frozen fries. Today
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