The Ethics of Feminism Essay

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The Ethics of Feminism Just seeing more of life, just recognizing that there are an awful lot of things that are common among people. There are certain things that you come to learn promote a better life and better relationships and more personal fulfillment than other things that in general tend to do the opposite, and the things that promote these things, you would call them morally right.[1] The normative questions that come to fill one’s life, in this woman’s account, presume goals and methods that are inseparable from the history that creates a person as s/he is. However, that, over time, people change in moral thinking does not mean that everyone develops along a single track to moral enlightenment in a set ethical system.…show more content…
Against these systems and instances of domination, feminists rally for what is “morally right”. But what if the very concept of what is morally right is itself a part of the vast interlocking system of domination that keeps women in the subordinate roles feminists try to oppose? The recognition of a complex system of political, economic, ideological, and social domination is considered, while never sufficient, at least, hopefully, a first step towards change and a new, better, world. The merry equation of knowledge of the wrong with its correction presumes the neutrality of the omnipresent medium of ethical evaluation and moral action. In an effort to avoid the theories that drive women’s oppression, various feminists have endorsed standpoint theories rooted in women’s experiences as strategic ways to rethink the world with the ultimate goal of opposing domination and crafting some sort of better society. What I want to consider is the particular standpoint reworking of the ethical that calls for ‘ethics of care’ in the stead of ethics of pure reason. Ethics are, in a sense, at least presently the basis for critiques of moral wrongs (and women’s domination in particular), and maybe inevitably so. If alternative ethics, based on care rather than Reasoned Laws, fail to meet the criteria that originally validate the feminist endorsement of feminine standpoints to begin

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