The Ethics of Football

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The Ethics of Elite Football As the most popular sport in the United States, football is firmly ingrained in our American society. Despite football’s vast popularity, football is currently an overall detriment to our society. Serious fundamental changes need to be implemented to the structure of football in order for it to be morally improved in the future. With more research appearing each day, it is clear the neurological health of players needs to be taken more in to account. Underprivileged kids also need to start invest investing in school over football to succeed in their future and the well being of the players and public should always be put before money, especially the NFL’s. Not everyone believes football needs to be changed.…show more content…
Football teaches kids that violence is a source of power and way to prosper. Kids need to be aware of the slim odds that football will change their life. Additionally, many who argue that the NFL is a huge stimulator of the economy are misinformed. First off, Almond introduced studies display hat taxpayers foot 70% of the capital cost of the NFL stadiums in their area. However, even though the stadium is mostly publicly funded, the profit from teams is privatized. The league taps money from local tax bases by sending the dumbfounding profits back to the league office for distribution of owners. The money does not stimulate the economy but instead makes wealthy owners richer. Most likely, football will never be removed from American culture any time soon. It should not be. Citizens of the United States live in a free country where people have the right to play football if they choose so. Football is very similar to cigarettes. One can choose to smoke cigarettes knowing that it causes lung cancer because a citizen has the right to make that choice. Football has the exact same situation. Recently, San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Chris Boreland, retired at the age of 24 because he thought the game was not worth risking his health. When you play football, you make the decision to play knowing the
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