The Ethics of Law Enforcement and Business

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In the research conducted will explain different views on ethics in an organization and what they stand by. In addition, the research will also talk about how ethical Law Enforcement members act in our communities, and what is done to prevent unethical behavior. Law enforcement field is a very dangerous, simply because we have men and women trying to prevent unethical people from committing crimes. At time is not like this, police officer might get tempted and become corrupt in a matter of no time, considering is not a high paying job they can corrupt the system easily. Officers little that they know at any giving time they are being tested by an agency called Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB), which handles all complaints against corrupt officers. IAB will go way beyond their job description to catch a corrupt officer and reprimand him or her for what they have done. Later on the research paper, it goes in depth of how college students react towards ethical behaviors, which falls over to professionals in the business field.
Ethics in Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement Our Criminal Justice system has been considered to be the best and well rounded system of the world. This system has been brought up by the best of law makers in history, but yet, people find that gray area and break the Laws “they…
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