The Ethnic Issues of the Bedouins

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Bedouins ethnic issues Abstract The focus of ethnicity and ethnic issues in the Middle East has been associated with the Arabs in the Palestine and the Jews in Israel. Research carried in the previous researches confirmed that these issues are directly or indirectly affected by the political disputes. In a sample of the students who were involved in the research, 46.9% ranked the religion to be the major factor of the formation of the identity. Some students said that the term Israel was not the appropriate identity and a section about 50% said that Palestine was the right identity. When given six ways of characterising the identities, that is the Arab, Israeli, Israeli Arab, Palestinian Arab, Israeli Palestinian, and Palestinian. Palestinian Arab received the more endorsement by around 34%, followed by the Israeli Arab by 30%, Arab followed by approximately 20%, then Israeli Palestinian by 11.7% and Palestinian 4% the remaining 2.9% characterised themselves as Israelis. The implications of these data are discussed in this work. Introduction A lot of discussion and literature has focussed on the Arab Bedouins of the Negev, with respect to the impact of the state of Israeli and the attempts to settle the groups considered to be semi-nomadic, the above groups have specifically have caught the attention of the Israeli scientists, however, they have not addressed the issues of ethnic identities of the Bedouin Israeli citizens. Up to date, the study goes further to focus
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