The Ethnicities Of Latinos American Americans

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The ethnicities of Latinos American have gone through journeys, with useful leaders to the promise land of the Southwest of the United States. Particularly, Latinos American, have gone through several barriers as building their identity still today in the Southwest society. Latinos have been fighters and survivors in keeping their lands along with becoming American Citizens close to extinction when in reality this land was really there to beginning to later be described as dangerous criminals, dirty, and so many other negative terms. The Anglos as called in the video wanted Latinos to be the foreigners in the South West when in reality the Anglos were the intruders. I will be describing my reaction to the video, secondly if I learned anything new I did not already knew, and finally if the video reminded me of any of the topics given to the class to read or discuss. The United States Southwest is Spanish not English like some people want to see it as the White land. I see how the descended from Mexico were treated after the American and Mexican War. First it is all it was smooth talk that they were going to be given certain rights and protection such as protection for their lands. In reality it was not they the United States government give greater rights to the Anglo or Californians to give land. I have come to more conclusion and understanding how everything has been given a dramatic change over the time the racial discrimination against Latinos. Taken away mostly
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