The Ethos Of A School

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In order for a school to be classified as a well standing, helpful, and productive it must follow a code that will allow teachers to help student thrive independently and achieve academic success. The ethos of a school is 1.its personality, which refers to the values this is created by the demand and respect that the school requires of its students and is enforced by the teachers 2. Is the environment, which refers to the attitude and feelings of the school created by the teachers and faculty and is suppose to make students comfortable.3. Is the spirit, which refers to the rapport among the teachers and the students if the teachers are good teachers who equally help all students grown and engage them the students will reflect that in their attitude about them. All in all, the ethos of a school are the effects of the collective effort the school makes through many interactions, words, and actions. There are many factors that create a good school some of the most important factors to me are academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, and the organizational structures and processes. Academic excellence is important for a school to have because it determines the achievement of all of the students. In order for academic excellence to take place teachers have to not only plan their lessons to help each student individually but also teach at a level that is above what the state standards are. By not teaching at the minimum and taking education seriously the teachers show…
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