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The Ethos of Literacy Literacy ethos customarily attests to literature as the capability of writing and reading. The two contexts exist independently in human beings since a person retains literacy internally. On a broader perspective, literacy can mean the aptitude of an individual to utilize the use of symbols systems, which prove essential for teaching and learning. By that, it means that the word extends beyond reading and writing to a broader context of developed technology. However, my experiences push me to incline to 'writing ' when defining literacy. The composition course that I undertook has played significant roles in establishing my opinion, which states that the literacy purpose is educating the scholars in a way that offers them an opportunity to interact effectively with the surrounding.
The composition classes that I attended advocated the students’ profound examination of the texts formulated by other individuals. It also challenged the students to write their ideas using other people’s creative ways to identify similarity. Doing that means that the scholars obtain a broad exploration of the writing craft. This idea drives me into assessing Birkerts’ model of argumentation and writing. Birkerts says, “The first step requires at least that the language can reach the reader, and that the word sounds and rhythms come alive ...” (Eposito, par. 2). His statements focus on the writing acting as a tool for offering an appropriate opportunity for the readers to
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