The Ethos Of The School Should Be Recognisable When Entering

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The Ethos of the school should be recognisable when entering the school setting as it is part and parcel of the environment of the school and the daily practice of the staff and pupils there. I am aware that all adults that work and are part of the setting at Parkhill Infants School have an important responsibility in modelling standards of behaviour, both in their dealings with children who attend the school and amongst colleagues, as their own example has a momentous influence on the children. Good associations and strong collaborations between adults will encourage the good behaviour in children. All adults within the school should aim to create an optimistic and positive environment that holds high but reasonable expectations of every…show more content…
The aims for the children at Parkhill School are to increase each pupils understanding of the world around them and to provide each pupil with the appropriate balance of both challenge and support in the learning, to provide for the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development of the pupils regardless of their disability, gender, race or ethnic background.
General bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive.
Health and Safety Executives (HSE) is a UK government body that is responsible for enforcing Health and Safety at work legislation. The HSE plays an additional role in producing advice on Health and Safety issues and guidance on relevant legislation. The HSE mission is to prevent ill health, injuries and to ensure that professionals within education or elsewhere are managing any significant risks arising from school activities and off the school premises. The HSE will check a number of things within a school e.g. toilet facilities for both staff and pupils, the condition of the school premises, medical rooms, water supplies, weather protection, lighting, heating and ventilation. Properly maintained flooring and that the appropriate measures are in place to prevent slips on wet surfaces. In the playground, the equipment that the children play or use is not faulty or rusted and that the playground surfaces are adequate. On school trips and off site visits HSE will be carried out on; Any special educational or medical needs of
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