The Eu And Saving Syrians From Despair

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The EU and Saving Syrians from Despair Robert Fico, the Prime minister of Slovakia, claimed that “Enforced solidarity is an oxymoron”(Swidlicki). Although the European Union has made plans to have member nations take in Syrian refugees, some nations of the Eastern Bloc, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, have rejected this plan, thinking that it would lead to chaos in Europe. However, across most of Central and Northern Europe, especially in Germany, it is a very different story. Münster University professor Dietrich Thraenhardt said that conservatives in Germany “do not play the race card like in France or Britain”(Bershidsky). Although other domestic problems might overshadow the Syrian Refugee issue, “The greatest…show more content…
[an] influx of more than a million refugees last year.(Yardley)” Hungary’s prime minister said that he was “defending European Christianity against a Muslim Influx.”(Noack). Although Slovakian PM Fico lost his majority in the Slovak parliament three months ago, his party is still the largest in the country. Therefore, it is highly likely that Slovakia will continue to reject refugees because, according to Fico, “they are ‘impossible to integrate’ and have a ’different relationship to women’”(Holehouse). The Governments of Fico and other Eastern Bloc nations, even though their populations are declining, continue to reject refugees, while most of the rest of the European nations accept them. On January 6th of this year in Köln, there was a rally supporting the immigration of Syrian refugees into Germany. This summed up the views of many Western and Northern European nations concerning the importation of Syrian Refugees into their countries. In Germany citizens welcomed the refugees in many different and very special ways. In soccer stadiums, “Crowds at various different clubs displayed large banners with the message "Refugees Welcome" during their Bundesliga fixtures”(Edwards). Also, most German citizens donated clothes or money to the newly-come refugees(Bershidsky). Pope Francis brought 12 syrian refugees to the Vatican to try and teach a lesson to the rest of Europe. Pope Francis said
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