The Eu And The European Union

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Formed from 28 Member States, the EU has developed an internal single market which enabled it to control what happens in the Member States. The context in which the EU has developed has caused it to be unique in comparison to all the others and through this essay I will demonstrate how the characteristics and functions of the EU are found to be those only associated with the EU.

Creating EU Law
The European Union has aims which are to promote peace, maintain its values and maintain the wellbeing of the people. Even though there are other organisations which also aim to do this, the EU is unique as it has to balance the national interest, common interest of the EU, democratic representation and also geographical representation. The EU has executive bodies which enable it to make decisions throughout the process: the Commission, Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.

The Commission is the only institution inside the EU which has the power to draft new legislation. It has the power to legislate in many areas across Europe, however there must be an establishment of competence in order for the EU to rightfully legislate in a certain area. Article 2 of the TFEU outlines whether it is the EU or the Member State which has the right to legislate in a certain area and therefore the extent of the competence that the EU has. The Commission can either have exclusive (it is given full power to legislate), shared (where the Member State can legislate as long as
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