The Eu Minimum Holiday Time

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and retain their staff. The first method is providing small perks for staff for example, a free slice of pizza on a Monday or money off their shopping at certain shops. This will help employees manage their lives better and as a result will be able to complete projects at work to a higher standard. This will benefit the company as they will have employees working at a higher standard ensuring that their company runs smoothly and well.

Another way a company can retain their staff is having a fair amount of holiday time. The EU minimum holiday time is 5 weeks. A company could offer a bonus structure for holiday entitlement, for example if you work for the company for over 3 years you can get an extra week’s holiday time annually. This will
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It is the role of Human Resources to ensure that all laws are being followed correctly. They must interpret the laws and produce documents that outline the rights and responsibilities within the workplace. If an employee feels that they have been treated unfairly they can take the case to a tribunal where the Human Resources department would represent the business. There are a number of laws that are vital towards the smooth running of the business. One of these is the Race Relations Act (1976), Sex Discrimination Act (1975), Disability Discrimination Act (1995), Equal Pay Act (1970). These combined ensure that discrimination due to age, gender, race or disability is illegal. It ensures that all working staff are treated fairly as women and ethnic minorities are offered the same pay and promotion pathways. Another example of a law which they must enforce is the National Minimum Wage Act (1999). This means that all workers for the company are entitled to a minimum hourly wage depending on their age. It is the Human Resources departments job to make sure all of these laws are followed to keep all of their staff happy and avoid an industrial tribunal. It is also the Human Resources department to make sure that the business is aware to changes regarding the laws and that they are all followed. For example to the minimum wage is due to increase in April 2017. Any workers at the company being paid minimum wage must have their salary
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