The Eu Union Of The European Union

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Luxembourg is a small country located in between France, Germany, and Belgium. This small country also is one of the founding countries of the European Union. Despite not being vocal as some of the more significant countries, Luxembourg still impacts the European Union. The Council of the European Union, the co-legislative body, has each of the twenty-eight member states rotating as the president of the European Union. The president is not a person, but rather one of the member states. Every 6 months a new member state sets the agenda and leads the Council. Member states try to push agendas in favor of their country. Luxembourg has last held the presidency from July to December 2015. During this presidency, Luxembourg pushed focus on the single market’s digital dimension and the migrant crisis facing the European Union. These major concerns do not only concern the European Union but also Luxembourg. A major concern of the European Union not too long ago was the Euro crisis. Luxembourg was thankfully not as impacted by the Euro crisis, but it did impact the EU in its entirety. The European Union and member states like Luxembourg experience a dynamic relationship; the choices and events impacting the EU also impact that member state and the interests of member states like Luxembourg impact the European Union. Despite its stature in the EU, Luxembourg has a principal role as any other country in the European Union. Unlike many of the other member states, Luxembourg is…

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