The Eucalyptus Rainforest

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Eucalyptus trees prefer to be in direct sunlight but can also survive in spots with some shade, as long as they are able to get sunlight. When it comes to soil types, eucalyptus trees are able to adapt to most types of soil (dry, sandy, wet). (fast growing trees nursery, 2005)

2. The Eucalyptus tree affects many species of animals in both positive and negative ways. They are the main diet for koalas, provide shade for wild animals in Australia, many species of birds make nest in them, humans use their oil for medicine and fires, and acts as a wind breaker for smaller plants. their negative effects are mainly towards other plants because they consume most of the water in the soil. They are also relatively fast growers so they are able to grow taller then other plants, which then blocks the sunlight form reaching the smaller plants. It is very dangerous for eucalyptus to be around fires because their oil will make them combust, allowing for the spread of seeds and for the smaller eucalyptus
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Why is the species successful outside of its native habitat?

a) The Eucalyptus was introduced to California because during the gold rush the miners needed wood for fuel. They decided the eucalyptus would be the best trees because the oil they produced helped them burn faster then most trees. In 1868 the California tree Culture Act was created to prevent more deforestation and wanted people to plant more trees. This was seen as a way to make money for some so they decided to plant fields of eucalyptus to sell to the miners. (Rowland, 2011)

b) Eucalyptuses are able to colonize so well because they can adapt to most soil condition they are put in. They can grow almost anywhere, as long as there is sunlight and are able to out compete the native species since they grow so fast. They are also able to grow in places where a fire has just occurred, which is useful because they don't have to compete with other plants.(California invasive plant council,
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