The Euro: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Do you agree with his view? Why or why not? I agree with his view because of several reasons. Despite the fact that the advantages of the common currency were evident in relation to limitation rational judgment by the political entities in the adoption and implementation of the euro, it was always a crisis waiting to happen. The outcome of the implementation of the common currency on the financial desperate countries was always going to be a danger in spite of the initial advantages. Weakest nations within this set had the opportunity to enjoy the short-term advantages of the Euro as the common currency. The other aiding factor towards the achievement of the benefits in its acquisition and implementation within the European nations was the stable economic growth across the globe. This aided the efforts of the common currency to meet the needs and preferences of the European nations until 2008. Following the deterioration of the global economic growth and development, the expected outcome of the common currency is currently having a negative impact on the European nations, euro-zone nations, and the institution of the currency itself. The first expression of the common currency in the form of Euro as a disasters or crisis waiting to happen is the vulnerability in relation to its application. Retention of the individual currency by a nation does not imply that the country will experience growth and development free from financial problems and low inflation levels. This
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