The Euro Disneyland Case Essay

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After the massive success that the Walt Disney Company has achieved in Tokyo, the company suffered a big failure in the next overseas expansion venture which was named Euro Disneyland. The failure’s main reason was the lack of the emotional intelligence that should be present in effective leaders. In particular, the emotional intelligence components are: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. The most important element that was missing in this case is empathy which represents the capability to comprehend the emotional temperament of other people and treat them accordingly. The empathy characteristics include the cross-cultural understanding, customer service, and capability in building and holding…show more content…
Therefore, they started looking for a new country to operate a new park with omitting the cultural differences between the two countries. And because Paris is located in the same latitude as Tokyo and they have the same weather climate, the Walt Disney Company executives assumed that it is applicable to operate in Paris.

Not only that, the company continued in the organizational mistakes due to the lack of cross-culture understanding. For example, the Walt Disney Company wrongly allocated staff according to the assumption that says Friday would be the heavy day for visitors and Monday a light-footed one. However, the case was the reverse. Also, in contrast of the Orlando Cast Members, French Cast Members are not adaptable to the inflexible schedule. However, the Walt Disney Company was inattentive of the variance in employee acceptance of the inflexible scheduling. Another instance, The Walt Disney Company had mistakenly assumed that visitors of Euro Disneyland would spend a lot of money as in the United States and Japan. However, this did not happen because of Europeans’ per-capita low income.

Moreover of these substantial mistakes, there is a contributing factor to the problem of Euro Disneyland which is poor customer’s service. As is stated in class’s slides, 70% of the reasons for losing customers are emotional intelligence related such as poor services and no follow up. For the Walt Disney Company was the case. To illustrate
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