The European Conflicts With Napoleon Bonaparte Of France

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During the European conflicts with Napoleon Bonaparte of France, England would become a significant factor in the conflicts at sea due to the extensive Royal Navy. While France’s population was significant, France lacked the financial stability and the maritime vessels to effectively gain control in order to defeat Great Britain. The conflict between England and France was a major catalyst for the eventual War of 1812. In their seafaring battles, both England and France attempted to restrict supplies from reaching the other’s enemy. In this effort, both countries blocked the United States from trading with the other. This is specifically noted as England passed the Orders in Council. An additional sea related conflict involved England and France commandeering American vessels. England, in an act known as impressment, would also remove sailors from captured American vessels and force them to serve with the Royal Navy or face imprisonment. While Jefferson’s failed Embargo Act followed by the Non-Intercourse Act had already significantly impacted sea trade, it was the general belief of the new nation that England was to blame for the hardships encountered due to trade restrictions. Another formidable component of the War of 1812 was a group of Americans eager to declare war on England who would become known as the War Hawks. This politically charged group was motivated for war in order to increase land expansion for the United States through the acquisition of Canada. There

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