The European Convention Of Human Rights

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The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) can be defined as an international agreement initiated within the Council of Europe, which was established in 1949 in Strasbourg in France in order to unify Europe after the Second World War (Harries et al., 2014; O 'Boyle, 2014). According to Donald et al., (2012), United Kingdom was among the first countries to adopt and has played an important role in ECHR creation at that time. In 1966, the petition and jurisdiction of UK’s citizens was voluntary and individuals was able to take a case and jurisdictions to the ECtHR in Strasbourg. Latterly, in 1998 this process become compulsory for all countries that are members of the (ECHR). Since that time, European countries has become covered under this agreement as a form of legal system in the unify area. However, it could be argued that the UK has the least number of cases in the ECtHR in Strasbourg. O 'Boyle (2014. P. 15) stated that “The UK has a very low ‘rate of defeat’ at Strasbourg. Of the nearly 12,000 applications brought against the UK between 1999 and 2010, the vast majority fell at the first hurdle”. Further they stated that, “Only three per cent (390 applications) were declared admissible. An even smaller proportion of applications - 1.8 per cent (215) - eventually resulted in a judgment finding a violation”, which in terms means that the UK has lost only 1 out of 50 of the cases that took place in the UK. Thus, some one could argue and question the extant that this
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