The European Convention On Human Rights

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Throughout World War Two in Europe, the horrors of fascism and the holocaust, where humans were exploited was seen by many. To prevent this from happening in the future, the European Countries had come together in order to devise a strategy. The outcome of this was that Council of Europe, was created in order to draft a European convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to safeguard human rights and the basic freedoms in Europe. Human Rights (HR) is considered to be a minimum legal protection and freedom to which every citizen is entitled by virtue of human beings. Each citizen is considered worthy of these protections without meeting any special requirements. HR is recognized as three basic rights known as civil and political rights, social and economical rights and community rights. ECHR is international treaty, which was signed by the member states of the council of Europe, which came into effect in 1950. The ECHR categorizes the human rights into three groups. The first Group is known as the absolute rights, the rights that have been categorized into these groups cannot be restricted in any shape or form, however these rights can be subject to limitations. The second group is known as the derogable right; rights contained within this category can only be restricted in time of national emergency. However this is subject to meeting the requirements, which is set out in the convention by the ECHR. Finally, the third group is qualified rights, rights within this group have
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